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Will The Latest TERMINATOR Live Up To The Hype?

The Terminator franchise has spawned several incarnations in almost every media form. Everything from films and TV to vide… Read more


Okay, it's been, like, forever since we posted a Movie Sequel-a-Day article.  So, let's break that silence, shall we? … Read more

Michael Myers Will Be Back, HALLOWEEN RETURNS Is A Go, Plot Revealed

So the upcoming HALLOWEEN reboot is officially on the horizon.  And we've now learned that the film will be called HALLOW… Read more

Review: JURASSIC WORLD (2015)

Set approximately twenty-two years after the events of JURASSIC PARK in 1993, JURASSIC WORLD takes a look at the park in full… Read more

This Day in Film History (June 12)

This Day in Film History: June 12 1963: Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton and Rex Harrison star in 20th Century Fox&#… Read more

KING KONG Prequel, SKULL ISLAND, Should Shed Some Light On How Kong Became King

"Kong: Skull Island" plot has been revealed to be a prequel to trace the origin of Kong before he became the ruler … Read more

If Any Director Can Successfully Remake A Hitchcock Film, It's This Director

David Fincher  is no stranger to mystery, murder, and suspense. He is preparing to do the unthinkable, produce and direct a  … Read more

Looks Like James Bond 007 Has Found Its New Singer For SPECTRE

Since last year, rumors had been swirling around Hollywood about whom would sing the title song for the upcoming 007 film, Sp… Read more

This Day In Film History (June 11)

This Day in Film History: June 11 1933: Jerome Silberman, later known as the Frederick, sorry, Gen… Read more


Brad Bird is a heavyweight at Pixar Films, which happens to be owned by Disney. When Brad Bird pitches a film to Disney, th… Read more

A New HALLOWEEN Film Might Finally Go Into Production This Year For A 2016 Release

I don't know about anyone else, but I'm ready for another Halloween film. As usual, talk and speculation of a new … Read more

PITCH PERFECT 3 Has The Green Light

With Pitch Perfect's massive $160.9 million in domestic box office (and counting), Universal and Gold Circle are moving a… Read more

DAREDEVIL Showrunner Has Been Hired By Warner Bros. To Draft New Script For AKIRA

“Akira” is alive and well at Warner Bros., which has hired “Daredevil” writer Marco Ramirez to adapt the popular Japanese m… Read more

FIFTY SHADES OF GREY Screenwriter Has Yet To Watch The Finished Film

Fifty shades of Grey garnered $500 million worldwide and millions saw the erotic flick — however... its screenwriter, Kelly M… Read more

Terry Gilliam Has A New Amazon Deal To Bring A Couple Unproduced Projects Back To Life

It’s abundantly clear that Gilliam is still trying to mount his long-gestating production of “ The Man Who Killed Don Quixo… Read more

Official Synopsis For INDEPENDENCE DAY 2

After Independence Day redefined the event movie genre, the next epic chapter delivers global catastrophe on an unimaginable … Read more

Sony May Produce BAD BOYS 3 With Director Joe Carnahan Taking Over For Michael Bay

Sony Pictures may green light the long-in-development BAD BOYS 3 with Joe Carnahan in talks to do rewrites and direct an exi… Read more


From the Las Vegas Licensing Expo 2015, Warner Bros. has released a new official synopsis for  Batman V. Superman: Dawn of J… Read more


Pacific Rim 2 is officially a go although it's release had been previously pushed back. Actors Charlie Hunnam, Rinko Kiku… Read more

Review: INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 3 (2015)

Insidious Chapter 3  really should've been titled, Insidious: The Beginning, instead of Chapter 3. It's not a good ti… Read more

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