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Sex and the City 2 trailer hits web

The trailer for the much anticipated Sex and the City sequel has hit the web...and thanks to Moviehole for providing the embed...

Cameron talks Avatar 2

James Cameron talks a little Avatar 2 in this piece from Moviehole... Looks like TCF’s decision not to print any “free tickets” to Avatar (as in, in-season double passes) will pay off. James Cameron’s spectacular-spectacular has about $50 million shy of making its money back. By the end of the month, Cameron might just have enough coin to breathe, relax for a week, and then make his inevitable sequel. Speaking of the sequel, Cameron told The L.A Times that the next movie (he has a trilogy planned) won’t necessarily be set on Pandora. There are a few other moons orbiting the distant Polyphemus he wouldn’t mind getting up close and personal with. ‘’We have some story ideas about how to branch out into other moons of Polyphemus and the Alpha Centauri A (ACA) solar system’’, the filmmaker said in a video interview with the website. With a lot of the sets already built, creatures designed, cast, er, already cast, and treatments penned, Cameron says he could knock “Avatar 2” out a lot qu

Small Ghostbusters 3 update

Here's a small Ghostbusters 3 update courtesy of Clint over at Moviehole... If there’s one thing I know, when it comes to “Ghostbusters 3” we shouldn’t get too excited – or take what either Dan Aykroyd or Harold Ramis says about it as gospel. You see, the film has been in development for more than a decade (Aykroyd was stumping his “Ghostbusters in Hell” script around Hollywood before the first “Star Wars” prequel got greenlit) and the cast (well, everyone but Bill Murray – who’s never seemed that keen to bring Venkman back to cinemas; still doesn’t seem over enthusiastic.) has been talking it just as long, if not longer – especially Aykroyd, who, given any and every opportunity, will swear black-and-blue it’s ‘happening’. Granted, things do seem like they’ve inched forward in the “G3” department – the film has writers (Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky, the Emmy-nominated writer-producers on the Steve Carell version of "The Office"), Bill Murray is said to be onboard

The Karate Kid trailer

Check out the trailer for The Karate Kid remake below...

Terminator 5 on backburner

This not-so-surprising news comes courtesy of Moviehole... Producer Dan Lin, out stumping “Sherlock Holmes” (read my review here), tells Collider that he’s not sure that he (or Warners) will be involved in the next “Terminator” movie. With Halycon having to sell the rights to get out of the red, it’s likely the new owner (which, mind you, could be Warner – but more likely Sony, or the oft-rumoured Summit), will have their own distributor (if even domestically) ready and waiting to send “T5” out in cans. ‘’We’ll know more in the beginning of February. It’s being sold in an auction process. Several studios are bidding and independent financiers are bidding on the rights, but we won’t know until we go through the court auction process’’, Lin says, adding ‘’Warner Brothers may be one of the future studios bidding. I don’t know because I don’t work for Warner Brothers, but don’t know. The actual studios bidding have not made themselves public.’’ As Lin says, no work is currently being d

Lots of sequel news

This comes from Moviehole... The Hangover 2 Those boisterous blokes at the center of the 2009 hit might be headed to Thailand next time 'round, according to CHUD. Funnily enough, writer/director Todd Phillips had written a sequel to "Old School" which would've also taken place in Thailand. I guess since that's seemingly not happening anymore (Will Ferrell wasn't keen), Phillips is free to shift both the locale, and some of the gags no doubt, over to "The Hangover 2". Meantime, Heather 'Rollergirl' Graham tells E! she's got some ideas for the sequel (likely too late love, sounds like Phillips has his script complete). "I think Stu should get her pregnant, and that she should do a pregnant strip dance. I know it sounds so wrong, but it sounds so right. That'd be really cool. Seriously, I wish. We need to get someone to write that script." Sherlock Holmes 2 A few months back word got around that Brad Pitt might've been ap

Cabin Fever 2 trailer

Here's the trailer for Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever courtesy of Moviehole...

The Marine 2 Trailer

Here's the trailer for the Marine 2 that recently premiered on WWE Monday Night Raw. The Film stars Ted Dibiase (son of the million dollar man) and hits DVD and Blu Ray December 29th.

King talks Shining sequel

Stephen King speaks out on a possible sequel to The Shining ...this comes from TorontoIST... "King dropped a fan bombshell on the crowd by casually describing a novel idea he began working on last summer. Seems King was wondering whatever happened to Danny Torrance of The Shining, who when readers last saw him was recovering from his ordeal at the Overlook Hotel at a resort in Maine with fellow survivors Wendy Torrance and chef Dick Halloran (who dies in the Kubrick film version). King remarked that though he ended his 1977 novel on a positive note, the Overlook was bound to have left young Danny with a lifetime’s worth of emotional scars. What Danny made of those traumatic experiences, and with the psychic powers that saved him from his father at the Overlook, is a question that King believes might make a damn fine sequel. So what would a sequel to one of King’s most beloved novels look like? In King’s still tentative plan for the novel, Danny is now 40 years old and living in

Craven officially back for Scream 4

This little bit of fresh air comes from Bloody-Disgusting... While we were just about to let you guys in on some Scream IV happenings, BD reader 'Curtiee' just sent us a link to the same news, only from an official source. Black Book Mag recently interviewed Neve Campbell, who plays Sidney Prescott in the Scream trilogy. She confirms early reports of a potential April 2010 start date, and that Wes Craven is returning to direct (our sources say it's a closed deal). "I’m pretty sure at this stage that Wes [Craven] is back on board to direct and Kevin [Willamson] is definitely writing it is going to be great." Campbell will be joining David Arquette and Courteney Cox, along with a group of new stars, who can hopefully stay alive long enough to figure out the new rules to this one-of-a-kind horror franchise.

Streisand back in Little Fockers

Barbra Streisand is reprising her role as Roz Focker ( Meet the Fockers ) in the upcoming Little Fockers , the third film in the Meet the Parents franchise. Moviehole has the skinny... Though it’s all on the hush-hush, Barbra Streisand will appear in the upcoming Little Fockers. Entertainment Weekly reports that Streisand has agreed to reprise her role as Roz Focker (from Meet the Fockers) in a “very funny” scene near the end of the new film. Unfortunately, doesn’t look like Dustin Hoffman will be joining his former on-screen wife. The Oscar Winner, who was expected to also ‘cameo’ in the film - reprising his role as Bab''s bed-bud, Bernie Focker - has balked on the movie, apparently over an argument with the studio about his fee, the amount of time he’d be required on set, and the size of his role. Universal aren't commenting on the situation at the moment. It’ll be strange having Gaylord Focker’s mum there, but not his pop, no? Suppose nothing a ‘they got divorced’

Julia Stiles in Spider-Man 4?

Moviehole has the latest on the fourth Spidey adventure... One could fill a kitty litter tray with all the ‘Black Cat’ rumours over the past couple of weeks. With “Spider-Man 4” due to get underway in a couple of months, casting’s likely already in full spin – and every blogger and their back-end is on a mission to find out who’s in and who’s out. Mostly, the net has been running unbridled whispers about who might be playing the film’s female lead (sorry, did I just spoil something?), Felicia Hardy aka The Black Cat, in recent days. Rachel McAdams (though she’s since denied the story) had been mentioned to be in the running, and shortly after, Romola Garai (“Atonement”) announced she was auditioning for [what sounds like the Hardy role in] the film. Latest rumoured contender? “Save the Last Dance” cutie Julia Stiles, according to UGO. Interesting that the news about Stiles would surface a day after McAdams announced she wasn’t in the running. The question is, was Rachel in the runn

Rambo 5 gets a new story

According to Moviehole, the plot for Rambo 5 has on for the skinny... When it comes to the plot of “Rambo 5”, Sylvester Stallone’s like a man with two lovers - he goes back and forth between them, and ultimately can’t decide which one he likes better. But has he? (decided which one he likes better). Speaking to Stallone Zone, Stallone says he’ll no longer be going with the storyline (inspired by the book ‘Hunter’ – written specifically for Sly) that would’ve seen him going up against a "feral beast... [an] amalgamation of fury and intelligence and pure, unadulterated rage” (He was determined this wouldn’t be “Universal Soldier Vs Rambo” though). Either Sly’s lost interest in that, or the buyers at AFM didn’t get damp over it, because he’s reverted back to his original idea for “Rambo 5”. “Rambo has changed course and the story about hunting the man/beast will be done using another character in the lead", Stallone told the aforementioned site. "Rambo

TWITTER ALERT! - Jill Valentine in RE4?

Resident Evil star, Milla Jovovich (Alice) tweets... "Valentine MAY b back..." Valentine was previously played by actress Sienna Guillory. Will she return? Keep checking back for more updates on this project.

Haim returns in Lost Boys 4

No, the title is not a typo. Although Lost Boys 3: The Thirst is still in production, Corey Haim is set to return to the franchise in the fourth installment. Here's what B-D is running... After the events of Lost Boys 2, it was said that Corey Haim would not be returning to the franchise alongside long-time co-star Corey Feldman. Movieweb broke some huge news this evening as they're reporting that Haim will in fact star alongside Feldman once again, only it won't be in Lost Boys 3: The Thirst, which begins filming soon in Africa. They report, "We just got back from chatting with Haim, who confirmed that he will not be participating in Lost Boys 3: The Thirst due to his very busy schedule. But he is in fact looking to come back for [LOST BOYS] Part 4, in which Sam Emerson will play a huge part in the storyline..." If the third film is as bad as the second, I don't think I'll even care at that point.

Various news items

Here's a load of news, some sequel/prequel/remake/spin-off oriented, some not. Again, this comes from Clint over at Moviehole. - The sequel to “Ghost Rider” will pick up eight years after the events of the first film, scribe David Goyer says. But will it be more realistic? "I hate to say it's more realistic, because he's got a flaming skull for a head, but it's a bit more stripped down and darker," Goyer added. "It's definitely changing tone. What 'Casino Royale' was to the Bond movies, hopefully this will be to 'Ghost Rider.'" (MTV) - Garry Marshall will reunite with his "Pretty Woman" and "Runaway Bride" star Richard Gere for the romantic comedy "State of the Union", according to Entertainment7 reps at AFM. - New AFM Posters and Logo Art for "Scream 4", "Machete", "Resident Evil : Afterlife", "Tekken", "Outpost II", "Conan", "Bait 3

Kevin Williamson talks Scream 4

Moviehole has the latest on the horror thrillogy that just won't die. Kevin Williamson talks a little Scream 4 business... Kevin Williamson’s kept his “Scream 4” script, er, pretty close to his chest but he’s at least shed some light on what we can expect in the recently-announced third sequel to the Wes Craven hit. Williamson, still writing the script, tells MTV, "It's going good…I’ve gotta finish that baby." As for the plot, he’s tight-lipped but will say, “The fourth one is an ensemble...It'll take place right now, 10 years later, and it's going to take place in [Sidney Prescott's hometown of] Woodsboro. We'll have our three main characters, and we'll be introducing several more." (I'd originally heard that the new film would fix solely on Gale and Dewey trying to protect their 'newborn' from Ghostface - who, for some particular reason, wanted the tot's head on a rattle; Not sure if that's still the storyline Willi

Big Roger Rabbit II news

Courtesy of AICN and MTV... Movie Trailers - Movies Blog

Happy Halloween from Sequel-Buzz!

This is honestly my favorite day of the year. What’s not to love about dressing up and getting candy (when you’re a kid)? Anyway, I just wanted to say Happy Halloween…and I’m looking forward to the Night of the Living Dead re-mastered marathon on AMC tonight! “Gather ‘round your TV sets…and watch…” – Halloween III: Season of the Witch

American Pie Presents Book of Love trailer

Here's the trailer to the newest slice of Pie , courtesy of Moviehole...

Updates: Elm Street remake, F13 Part 2 3D

Bloody-Disgusting posted a couple small updates earlier on the A Nightmare On Elm Street remake, and Friday the 13th Part 2 3D that were made available via Brad Fuller's Twitter page. While New Line Cinema has already announced an August 13, 2010 release for Friday the 13th: Part 2 3D, it appears the film has yet to get the go-ahead. "Still hoping for some good news that will take us back to Crystal Lake," Platinum Dunes producer writes on his Twitter page. Damian Shannon and Mark Swift - who penned the remake - are currently penning the sequel. In addition, he also updated the status of A Nightmare on Elm Street exclaiming, "on the mixing stage working on NOES." Freddy Krueger returns on April 30, 2010.

Quick Update: Halloween II Director's Cut = Finished.

Rob Zombie tweets... "Halloween 2 director's cut is finally done" Now all we need is a release date.

X-Files 3 moving forward

There's been a lot of talk lately about X-Files 3 , the next possible sequel to the best "what if" TV series-turned-movie franchise. Moviehole has the dirt, and like Clint points out, this isn't a definitive yes , but it's not a no either... Now let’s preface this news item with a bit of an avowal: David Duchovny isn’t saying there’ll be a third “X-Files” movie just that he’d like there to be one. So, even at the risk of cutting off your blood supply, keep ‘em crossed for a little while longer. We will let you know when it’s safe to unstitch your storks. The “Californication” star tells The Daily Beast he’d be happy to hang the ‘I Want to Believe’ poster back up in his office. And he, like the fan community, believes the next film should be set in 2012 – since that date played a big part in the show’s folklore. “As far as the X-Files movie I’d like to do next, if we get a chance to do it, would be a return to the heart and soul of the mythology, which is the

Scream 4 in 3D?

Here's a small Scream 4 update courtesy of Bloody-Disgusting... Some brief news comes in this evening as we've been tipped off that the Weinstein Company plans to shoot and release Scream IV in 3D. In addition, word on the street is that Wes Craven is closer than ever to returning to the director's chair. We'll keep you posted. The screenplay is being penned by Kevin Williamson and Neve Campbell, David Arquette and Courteney Cox are all said to be returning. The new trilogy will take on a younger version of the Scream films.

S-B ranks the Child's Play sequels

Keeping with the spirit of Halloween, we are continuing our lists of ranking horror's best franchise sequels. We continue our list with the Child's Play sequels... 1. Child's Play 2 No suprise here. Believe it or not, I'm actually going to rank these in the order they were released. Part two was a breath of fresh air; Chucky's triumphant return was welcomed with open arms in the horror community. 2. Child's Play 3 This is probably the sequel I've seen more times than any of the other Chucky films (including the original). This takes place 10 years after the original, Andy Barclay is now 16 and in military school, and Chucky's wit is at its best here...and finale is one I'll remember for years. 3. Bride of Chucky According to the timelime, Bride of Chucky takes place just a couple days/weeks/months after the events of Child's Play 3 . I was a fan of this film for many reasons, I was thrilled to see Chucky back on the big screen, and sporti

S-B ranks the Friday the 13th sequels

Continuing our epic list of ranking horror history's best franchise sequels, we bring you the Friday the 13th series (minus the remake, but we did include< Freddy vs. Jason )... 1. Friday the 13th Part 3 I would've possibly ranked Part 2 at number one, but I feel this is the definitive Jason movie. Besides, not only is this the film where he gets the hockey mask, but it's also in 3-D! 2. Friday the 13th Part 2 Even though this is the first of the series to feature Mr. Voorhees as our main antagonist, I feel Part 3 was ever-so-slightly the better film, so this falls to a close second. Don't get me wrong, I love sack-head Jason. 3. Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter This chapter is probably the biggest guilty pleasure for me. I absolutely adore Corey Feldman's "Tommy Jarvis" character, and scenery in this film is amazing. It also helps that this time around, Jason seems a little more brutal and raw (reminds me a lot of remake Jason, Derek Mears). 4.

Sequel-Buzz ranks the Halloween sequels

Since this is the haunting season, we're going to be running down some of horror's best franchises -- and ranking their sequels. And to kick off the event, we'll begin with the finest (in my opinion): the Halloween series (minus Rob Zombie's versions). 1. Halloween II (1981) Obviously the best of the sequels. What better place to start then where the original immortal classic ended. Halloween II delivers the goods, fair effort considering the original's status. 2. Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers The only reason this is ranked above H3 is simple: this is the return of Michael Myers. After a decade of silence, the Halloween Theme is back. 3. Halloween III: Season of the Witch I ranked this film higher than H20 for many reasons, but mostly because this is honestly the better film. Even with the absence of Michael Myers and the Halloween Theme, this film still manages to capture the essence of the season (this year's Trick 'r Treat nailed it

Brian Singer's X-Men sequel plans

Is Brian Singer considering returning to the X-Men franchise? Read on for the buzz... With his once promising ‘'Superman'' series (I think it's safe to say we'll never see a sequel to "Superman Returns". A new "Superman" movie, sure, just not one that has ties to the under performing - Warner's words, not mine; I think it did quite well considering, and for the most part, I enjoyed the heck out of the flick - 2006 flick) now as motionless as a highway-traveling meerkat, it's no surprise to hear all-round comic-nut Bryan Singer is back in talks with Fox about returning to the "X-Men" series. As you'll recall, Singer existed his post as the director of "X-Men 3" when Warner Bros offered him the chance to direct a "Superman" movie. But when "Superman Returns" didn't exactly set the world on fire, Warner Bros pushed the pause button on any further adventures of Kal-El. The last we heard the

Independence Day 2 troubles

Read the block quote below from Moviehole to check out the skinny ID4 2 ... For years there’s been rumours of an “Independence Day 2” – in fact, I believe the project even got beyond the rumour stage a few years back with preliminary talks talking place between creators Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin and Twentieth Century Fox. But of course those talks likely never included Will Smith’s accountant – which, it’d now seem, is the reason we’ve yet to see the film. Talking to Latino Review, Emmerich said he’s got a great storyline ready to go for “Independence Day 2” – but it involves Will Smith’s character, and at this stage Fox don’t know if they’d be willing to cough up the cabbage to bring the Fresh Prince back. Understandable I suppose, Smith comes with a hefty price tag, but on the other hand, how much money is “ID4 2” bound to make!? Shitloads! Smith’s fee would be a drop in the pond at the end of the day! “Dean Devlin and I are still set to make a sequel likely because we’ve fou

My Super Psycho Sweet 16 promo

This has little to nothing to do with sequels, but thought it was interesting, nonetheless. That show on MTV, "My Super Sweet 16", has been given an, um, makeover? Heh, this looks like it'll be fun. Have a look...

American Pie: Book of Love screening

Here's a small update for those of you who still follow the American Pie films. The seventh film is now completed and awaiting DVD release. There's a cast and crew screening for the film October 26. Here's a brief update/statement from writer David Steinberg... American Pie BOL screening I guess it's called "presents" after all. And now it's "The" book of love. Told you the marketing department would change the title. P.S. The moose makes sense if you've seen the movie.

Texas Chainsaw revs in 3D, new company

Bloody-Disgusting has the latest on the Texas Chainsaw Massacre series, which has been dead-in-the-water since 2006. Well, other than the proposed reboot that Kim Henkel had a year or so ago. Anyway, here's the skinny on the latest Massacre ... Twisted Pictures is becoming the house of multiple sharp objects as the makers of the Saw series are closing a deal to take over the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise, putting the villains Leatherface and Jigsaw under one roof. The details are slim, but Leatherface could be returning in 3D. More soon. Read on for the rest of the story and tell us what you think below. Sources said the producer/financier is in talks to partner in the films with Lionsgate, which has distributed all the pics in the highly profitable "Saw" series, including the Oct. 23 release of "Saw VI." The plan is to contemporize the storyline for a 3D film that would be scripted by Stephen Susco ("The Grudge"). Carl Mazzocone, Mark Burg a

Trick 'r Treat sequel galore

MTV ran an interesting story. It appears that Michael Dougherty has some Trick 'r Treat sequel plans up his sleeve -- or should I say sequels? Have a read for yourself... Now that it’s October, we’re all in the mood to get the bejeezus scared out of us. And this year we’re in luck, because the instant cult classic “Trick ‘r Treat” debuted on DVD Tuesday, and its Halloween-themed tales of terror are scaring up some huge business. Naturally, if writer/director Michael Dougherty has his way, he’ll be haunting our All Hallows’ Eve with sequels for years to come. “Yeah, I have to say that the excitement over the past few months of watching the film grow has started to jumpstart some ideas, and I know how the next one ends,” Dougherty revealed to us this week, saying he’s already brainstorming “Trick ‘r Treat 2” ideas in response to the film’s cult fanbase explosion. “If this [DVD release] does become something, if it catches executives off-guard, it might [get sequels]. I would love

Sixth Vacation film planned

It seems that Newline is moving forth with a new Vacation film...perhaps a little along the lines of Christmas Vacation 2 . This also comes from THR. New Line is going on a "Vacation." The Warner Bros. division is developing a sequel of sorts to the 1983 comedy classic, with David Dobkin attached to produce and possibly direct. New Line is meeting with writers to pen the script, but the take is already developed: The story focuses on Rusty Griswold, the son of Clark Griswold, the protagonist of the initial movies and portrayed by Chevy Chase. Rusty, now a father himself, takes his family on a road trip vacation. The characters would acknowledge that first trip, making the movie more of a sequel than a reboot. Chase and Beverly D’Angelo, who played the mom in the original movies, will have room to make appearances as grandparents, providing a sense of continuity, though no deals are in place. The original “Vacation” is a Warner Bros. property, but as soon as New Line be

Venom, a film by Gary Ross

This bit of news comes from THR... Gary Ross is writing “Venom,” Columbia’s “Spider-Man” spinoff based on one of the villains from “Spider-Man 3,” as a potential directing vehicle. Ross is already writing “Spider-Man 4” for the studio. In the comics, Venom is a gooey alien parasite that bonds with Peter Parker and later his newsroom rival, among other people, becoming one of more popular villains in "Spider-Man’s" rogue gallery. Topher Grace portrayed the character in the 2007 movie, which ended with both the human and the alien symbiote apparently destroyed in an explosion. The studio had no comment on Grace’s involvement nor on Ross writing the project. Avi Arad and Marvel are producing the movie. Ross would also produce. Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, who wrote “Zombieland,” previously worked on the script, as did Jacob Estes. Ross, repped by CAA, hasn’t directed a movie since 2003’s “Seabiscuit.”

Tarantino talks Kill Bill vol. 3

This video comes from YouTube user "polanskyzero" -- Quentin Tarantino gives a little bit of details on the thought process that is: Kill Bill vol. 3 ...

David Goyer talks Ghost Rider 2

This comes from Collider... Earlier today I sat down with David Goyer and Brannon Braga and conducted an extensive interview about their fantastic new show “FlashForward”. If you’ve been watching the show on ABC Thursday nights, I promise you’ll love this interview as they explain how the idea came together, what’s coming up, David explains where the Oceanic Airlines billboard came from and is the show related to “Lost”, and so much more. Also, while my interviews are usually around ten to fifteen minutes, this one went for almost thirty, so we were able to really talk and not just scratch the surface. Look for the entire conversation Sunday night. Anyway, since David is very involved in some big name comic book movies, I wanted to give you a taste of the interview by posting what he said about “Ghost Rider 2″ and “Magneto”. Hit the jump to learn more: David Goyer image.jpgBefore getting to what he said, the first thing to know is last week we reported Sony was moving ahead with “Gh

Transformers 3 release date

This comes from Moviehole... Michael Bay will direct "Transformers 3". But didn't anyone actually doubt he wouldn't? Paramount has confirmed the third installment in the bloated-robots-Vs-Tyrese saga will hit theatres on July 1, 2011. Though Bay was said to be keener on a 2012 release date (that might have given him time to helm the recently announced "Bad Boys 3"), Variety says he's agreed to the new date, and has been ''begun meeting with ILM and Hasbro [and] scribe Ehren Kruger to hash out plans for the pic''. Shia LaBeouf and Megan 'Michael Bay is a Monster' Fox will return for the second sequel to the 2007 hit. As the trade states, 2011 is shaping up to be the quite the year - the Decepticons will be going head-to-head with Spider-Man, Thor, Harry Potter, Captain America, Kung Fu Panda, The Smurfs and The Green Lantern! (Thankfully there isn't a new "Baby Geniuses" scheduled that year, so Bay's yet to c

Simply stunning: H2 fan poster

Words don't describe it, watch for yourself...

Brad Fuller talks Elm Street trailer, F13 2

This comes from the official Platinum Dunes blog... I have to thank many of you. The debut of the teaser was really amazing. Whether you like it or hate it, the release of it was huge. More that 1.6 million people saw it in the first 24 hours. The traffic to the teaser even clogged up Bloody-Disgusting for a day. As many of you know getting the teaser to you has been quite an ordeal - one that I think deserves an explanation... Originally, our teaser was to be released on Jennifer's Body and I was excited to tweet all about it. I announced on my twitter page that I would make an announcement within two weeks, assuming that all the plans came to fruition. But what happened was we liked the teaser, yet felt it needed to be better. Our intention always to reveal Freddy at the very end, but we had three different scenes and couldn't decide on which one was the best. At the same time Mike Jones (Warner bros.) Drew, Bay and I keep reworking the body of the teaser. Asking ourselves,

Review: The Haunted World Of El Superbeasto

The Haunted World Of El Superbeasto Rating : 1.5 out of 5 Format: Blu-Ray - Picture looks great - Director : Rob Zombie Written By Rob Zombie and Tom Papa This movie tries way too hard. Written with the intent to be edgy and shock the viewer the film goes out of its way to throw in as many cartoon breasts as possible. It relies on the fact that these are CARTOONS swearing, having sex, and slicing the heads of zombies. None of it is shocking unless you view cartoons as a medium only for children. The film is perfect for stay at home housewifes and soccer moms to bitch about. Final Thought: It's kind of hard to enjoy a movie when all you can visualize are the writers thinking of ways to include as many tits/sex jokes as possible.

Halloween 3D production stopped

Here's the skinny on the latest Halloween installment, set to be filmed in 3D. This comes from Deadline Hollywood ... EXCLUSIVE: So here's what happened: the script only came in Friday, the first draft that Dimension Films had seen. And The Weinstein Co was rushing to get the film into production for a November start date because it has to be done by January when director Patrick Lussier starts a film for Avi Lerner. A release for Summer 2010 was planned. Sure, the rumor mill claims TWC is out of money amid all those layoffs, and TWC couldn't agree on a $2.5M budget battle with Lussier, and TWC had key crew ready to fly to Shreveport. But I understand that Bob Weinstein shut down H3D pre-production "because Bob just felt it was rushing too fast." Now Dimension plans to start the film after My Bloody Valentine 3D helmer Lussier is free. (After all, the film editor got his directing start making Dracula 2000 for the Weinsteins.) But I know what you're thinki

Trejo talks Predators, Sin City 2

This little video interview comes courtesy of Punch Drunk Critics...

Elm Street remake trailer debut

Check out the trailer for Freddy redux...

Danielle Harris in Night of The Living Dead: Origins

Danielle will be starring in the upcoming 3D reboot/prequel "Night Of The Living Dead - Origins ". Danielle "tweets" on her twitter page... "All you're good luck wishes worked! Guess who's gonna be Barbara?!,"

Neve Campbell Signs for Scream 4!

According to Variety , Bob Weinstein has said that Neve Campbell has signed on to reprise her role of Sidney Prescott in Scream 4, the first part of a new trilogy. While Courtney Cox-Arquette and David Arquette are signed on to reprise their roles for a second trilogy, it seems "Sidney" may only be returning for the fourth installment. What does this mean for the main protagonist of the original Scream trilogy? Will she die in the film, be shown in a flashback or given some sort of minor supporting role? Is Neve just being conservative and going script to script, film to film, before deciding to sign on? We'll likely have to wait until at least late next year, presumably near when the film would come out, to find out what fate awaits Sidney Prescott.

A little Lost Boys 3 news

This comes from Brad over at B-D... Bloody Disgusting learned this morning that Dario Piana, director of The Deaths of Ian Stone, is getting behind the camera for Warner Premiere's Lost Boys 3: The Thirst, which was scripted by Evan Charnov. Corey Feldman and Jamison Newlander are said to return at the Frog brothers, although I could only confirm Feldman's involvement. Here's the exclusive plot crunch: "When veteran vampire hunter Edgar Frog finds himself destitute and almost friendless, he thinks his live has hit bottom - but wealthy vampire-romance novelist Gwen Liebling offers him a small fortune to go on the vampire hunt of a lifetime and rescue her son Peter from the Alpha Vampire D.J.Dusk. With the help of his friends Zoe, Lars and Blake, Edgar heads into a bloody battle to exterminate evil." Shooting is set to begin this November in South Africa.

Connery back for Indy 5?

This comes from IOL... Sean Connery is set to return to the ‘Indiana Jones’ franchise. The 79-year-old actor turned down the chance to reprise his role as the father of the daredevil archaeologist in last movie ‘Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull’, and the script hinted his character Professor Henry Jones had passed away. However, creators on the next movie, the fifth in the hugely successful franchise, are planning to bring Henry back. A source said: "Steven Spielberg has been working on a script with George Lucas and there is an element of the story that could see Sean returning. Anything is possible in these movies and if Sean wants to return he will become central to the new story." Earlier this week, Harrison Ford – who plays the title character – revealed he is ready to reprise the role. He said: "The story for the new 'Indiana Jones' is in the process of taking form. Steven Spielberg, George Lucas and myself are agreed on what the fif

Ali Larter back for Resident Evil 4

This welcoming news comes from Bloody-Disgusting... With Sony Screen Gems gearing up to shoot Resident Evil: Afterlife in Toronto next month, casting is well underway. Thus far, Boris Kodjoe (who stars in the forthcoming Surrogates) and Milla Jovovich are confirmed to star in the 3-D sequel being directed by Paul W.S. Anderson (who returns to the franchise as he got behind the camera for the first film). While out promoting Surrogates, Kodjoe revealed to BlackFilm another two names to add to the list. Ali Larter is set to return to the franchise as she took on the role of Claire Redfield in 2007's Resident Evil: Extinction, while Underworld and "Prison Break"'s Wentworth Miller also stars. Afterlife is slated for a 3D release on August 27, 2010.

Elm Street documentary trailer

Here's the trailer for the new A Nightmare On Elm Street documentary...

Halloween 3D has writer/director

This comes from B-D... Bloody Disgusting & Dread Central received confirmed word this evening that Patrick Lussier has officially signed the dotted line to direct HALLOWEEN 3D for Dimension Films. He'll be heading to Haddonfield with Todd Farmer, who will be penning the screenplay. The duo previously worked together on MY BLOODY VALENTINE 3D for Lionsgate, making them perfect candidates to bring Michael Myers to theaters in 3D. Shooting is scheduled for this fall. What do you guys think of the news?

Spider-Man 4 gets a release date

The next installment of the money-making Spider-Man franchise has been given a release date, this comes from good guy Clint over at Moviehole... Sony has announced that Peter Parker will sprog his next messy-web in May of 2011, says Variety. The soon-to-shoot “Spider-Man 4” – which reunites the ‘Golden’ team of Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst and Sam Raimi – will hit standard theatres and IMAX on May 6, 2011. It’ll be the first Summer tentpole release of the year. Another superhero flick, “The First Avenger : Captain America”, had originally been scheduled to open that day – but Marvel decided recently to push it back to July 22. “Thor”, another comic-book flick, will be out shortly after “Spider-Man 4” – on June 17. The last two “Spider-Man” pics were also released in Imax theaters, and by the time the next one bows, Imax and Sony should benefit as there will be more of the large-format theaters in the marketplace. "Our network has grown significantly, and we continue to roll

Night Of The Living Dead - Origins

Bloody Disgusting reports that Zebediah de Soto is directing a 3D CGI re-imagining of Night of the Living Dead titled "Night of the Living Dead - Origins."

Newest Saw VI one sheet

IGN had the exclusive on the new Saw VI one sheet...

Silent Hill 2 tidbits

This comes from Moviehole... Despite earlier reports suggesting he wouldn't be involved (granted, that was 2007 when he said that - - and he's since been in need of a few dollars), The Hollywood Reporter says Roger Avary is indeed penning the sequel to 2006's "Silent Hill". What's that line in "Twins" that Danny De Vito teaches big-brother Schwarzenegger? Oh Yes... "Money talks, Bullshit walks". The original, starring Radha Mitchell and based on the Konami video game of the same name, is one of the ten most successful video-game adaptations of all time. Directed by Christophe Gans, "Silent Hill" followed Rose (Radha Mitchell), a mother who takes her troubled adopted daughter, Sharon, to a town the girl cries out for while sleepwalking. After being knocked unconscious in a car crash outside the town, Rose awakens to find her daughter missing and the town engulfed in an alternate reality of fog and falling ash. While looking for h

Bruce Campbell talks Spider-Man 4

Moviehole interviewed cult movie fave Bruce Campbell...and in the interview he revealed a few details about the hush-hush fourth Spider-Man film... I've interviewed Bruce Campbell a couple of times - and think he's great value, but I tell ya, it's always hard to tell when he's joking and when he's not. He's like a father that finds it hard to communicate with his kid, so makes jokes to cover up for his inability to have a normal conversation with you. But I mean that in a good way. It's fun how Campbell enjoys fuckin' with reporters... Yankin' his, well, Chin.... and giving the driest, most flat-panned answer to the most normal of questions . And because a wide-eyed cheeky smile usually follows whatever response he offers, it's usually clear that he is having a bit of fun with ya. Today, Campbell tells Access Hollywood that not only does "Spider-Man 4" start up in January (that's likely true, Sam Raimi told me recently February -

Pirates 4 gets title, release date

The fourth chapter in the Pirates of the Caribbean saga has officially been given a title...and a release date. The film will be given the subtitle of On Stranger Tides . Here's the story from E!... Johnny Depp stormed Disney's D23 Expo today in Anaheim, Calif., riding a giant pirate ship, wearing full Jack Sparrow garb and bearing big news: The fourth film in his huge swashbuckling series will be called Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. And it'll storm theaters summer 2011. This was a surprise appearance, of course, Depp's favorite kind, and made minutes after Kermit and Miss Piggy popped in to promote the new Cheapest Muppet Movie Ever Made (to be written by Jason Segel). "I'm looking for a talking Frog," Depp mumbled to the crowd of 5,000 or so fans assembled for the expo. "I like frogs." And then he sailed off. The Pirates movies have grossed more than $1 billion in the United States alone.

Derek Mears addresses new Jason rumors

The fine folks over at HorrorBid updated their site today with an interesting article where Derek Mears (Jason Voorhees in the Friday remake) addressed the rumors of Tim Sylvia replacing him... I'm assuming most of you knew about the rumor floating around concerning Derek Mears not reprising his role as Jason Voorhees in the next installment of Friday the 13th (and if you didn't, what rock were you hiding under?). Yeah, yeah we already know it was debunked as a result of a mix up but now Mr. Mears has spoken and if there was ever any doubt this puts the nail in the coffin. Follow up: It's funny how one little sports reporter can mix up two slasher legends and the chaos ensues! How could he mix up Jason with Michael Myers? I mean it's not like they both wear white masks, or enjoy killing teenagers, or neither speak . . . hmmmmm. Anyways, (sorry guys I couldn't help it) one of Horrorbid's fellow myspace friends contacted Mr. Mears and asked him directly about

Plan 9 from Outer Space Teaser Trailer

Yesterday (9-9-09) the teaser trailer for John Johnson's remake of Plan 9 From Outer Space (simply titled Plan 9) hit the web. Watch the trailer below.

Is Point Break 2 dead in the water?

This may come as a surprise to some, but to the majority of fans who have been following the news on Point Break: Indo closely, this is a no-brainer. It appears that the long gestated sequel may officially be dead in the water (pun intended). This comes from Moviehole: I've been following a story throughout most of the day.... and it may just have come to an unexpected (or was it?) conclusion: 11:56 am : OK, wanna know what's going on with "Point Break Indo"? Nothing. It's dead. Two as-good-as-official sources have just confirmed for me that the film has fallen over. It may get back up later, but at this stage it's not happening and the attached cast have been freed up to work on other projects. Had a feeling this might have been the case. 10:50am : One person I did chat to about the film this morning was Lori Petty, who you'll recall played Tyler in the 1991 classic. She knows nothing much about "Point Break Indo", only that she'd like

Jeepers Creepers 3: Cathedral

In a recent interview with Dread Central, Jeepers Creepers 1 and 2 director Victor Salva gave them an update on the long awaited sequel. Heres what he had to say...... "The financing is just coming together, so perhaps we will be in preproduction shortly. We have been saying this for a year now, but that’s really about all I can with any certainty." He also goes on to say that Jonathan Breck will return as the creeper along with Gina Phillips returning as Trish. In regards to the Creeper... "After much fan feedback, to give him his truck back for the new film"

Review: Black Santa's Revenge

Black Santa's Revenge (2007) Unrated Written And Directed By David Walker Star Rating * * Out Of * * * * * Originally a comic published in Baddazz Mofo Magazine, Black Santas Revenge (Inspired by 70's Blazplotation films) stars Joe Grizzly Himself, Ken Foree (Dawn Of The Dead) as down-and-out santa who decides to take revenge on a gang of thugs responsible for stealing all of the toys in town. Sounds Good? To some degree it is. Unfortunately Black Santa's Revenge (like many of the Blaxplotation films of the 70's) is somewhat dull. Clocking in at a poorly paced 20 minutes BSR never reaches it's self proclaimed "MINI EPIC" status but does offer up a bit of fun. Director David Walker keeps the story simple, realizing the main draw of the film is co-producer and genre vet Ken Foree. Wielding a shotgun, and spouting off one liners, this is Ken Foree at his best. He genuienly seems to be having fun due to his constant (unintentional?) smiling while brawling

Rampage is new Mr. T -- in A-Team redux

Wow, it seems like a lot of UFC fighters are making major movie news as of late, but this rumor is actually true. And for this special TV 2 Film edition, I'll leave it with this little tidbit from Moviehole...again... UFC fighter Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson was rumoured to be up for the role of B.A Baracus in Joe Carnahan’s “A-Team” movie a couple of weeks ago – but the reports were speedily dismissed by the sportsman’s peeps. Today however The Vancouver Sun reports that Jackson has indeed won the much-coveted gig (everyone from Ice Cube to Tyrese Gibson was said to be in the running at one time or another), suggesting he was in town as recent as last week prepping for the role made famous by Mr T in the 80s classic. Says the outlet, ‘’The Sun has learned Rampage was in Vancouver on August 19 to discuss the role with producers and arrived in town Friday to prepare for filming.’’ If indeed true (and sounds like it is), Jackson joins Liam Neeson (Hannibal Smith) and Bradley Cooper